Crushable Quote of the Day: Keri Russell Knows Everyone Is Obsessed with Tiny Horses, Junior High Dances

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Out of all the shows to be mega-psyched for this week, Running Wilde – the new comedy by Arrested Development‘s Mitch Hurwitz and starring AD's Will Arnett and David Cross – definitely tops our lists. Sort of a Sabrina-meets-well-GOB Bluth, the story revolves around Keri Russell‘s character Emmy, coming back from the rain forest and getting involved with her former rich boss' son, played by the lovably buffoonish Will. So what does Keri (who, lets face it, isn't exactly known for her comedy chops as much as her perm from Felicity) think of the show? During a conference call, Keri mentioned a couple of generalizations to remind audiences why they should tune in:

“All people love tiny horses,” says Keri, in reference to the show's preview of a miniature pony, “and we're having an upcoming episode that deals with middle school dances. I think everyone is obsessed with junior high school dances.”

So there you have it folks. Watch Running Wilde, because you, like the rest of America, love small horses and awkward school dancing. Oh also, in case you were wondering about any of the big changes the show has apparently went through before its premiere, the biggest is the location move from Vancouver to New York, which required Will to “sleep with like, 4 guys” in order to make happen.

Running Wilde premieres on Fox tomorrow night at 9:30 EST