Crushable Quote Of The Day: Jason Segel Loves iCarly

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Is it just us, or did you think there was something a bit sweet about last night's MTV Movie Awards? Sweet and MTV don't usually go hand in hand but leave it to host Aziz Ansari — the Prince of Awkward Sweetness — to set a less raunchy tone for the night (well, except for this). But it was another sweet, awkward, kind of intense guy — Jason Segel, yo! — who delivered the best line of the night and maybe-sorta hit on Miranda Cosgrove. When presenting an award together, Jason remarked:

“I love iCarly. I mean, like, a lot. It's, like, my favorite show.”

Miranda just giggled and added, “I love your work too.” Awww. The only other guy who could pull off this line while being simultaneously cute and creepy would be Paul Rudd, wethinks.

Are you an iCarly fan too? A Segel fan?