Crushable Quotable: What’s Your Number? Star Anna Faris Doesn’t Know How Many Women Husband Chris Pratt Has Slept With

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It's funny how, in doing an interview for her new romantic comedy What's Your Number?, Anna Faris immediately started blabbing about the big difference between how many men she's slept with and hubby Chris Pratt‘s number — which she says he's never actually told her.

She told Vulture that she and Chris (who's a regular on NBC's Parks and Recreation) met in 2008 on the set of Take Me Home Tonight. Even though they were a showmance, there was a girl or two that caught his eye before she did:

[T]here are certain people we don’t bring up: the little redhead, or the really hot camera girl. But I remember them! Maybe six or seven months into dating—I don’t know—I asked Chris, “Hey, how many people have you slept with?” And he looks at me like, “That’s the dumbest question.” I was like, Oh, yeah. It is. To this day, he hasn’t told me.

…My number is five and I was immature enough to be like, “Aren’t you happy that you’re with practically-a-virgin?” He said, “I’m not sure what you’re doing.”

…With guys it’s different. I think he could’ve slept with 300 women—maybe he has, and maybe I would think that’s kind of cool. Like, he accomplished a lot and I’m proud of him.

“Accomplished” is one way to put it. We probably wouldn't be that cool if our movie-star boyfriend had fucked around with what sounds like random PAs and camera girls. You know, if we had a movie-star boyfriend.

Chris and Anna star together in What's Your Number? — he's one of the many ex-boyfriends she has to revisit. Specifically, she calls him “Disgusting Donald” since he was probably fat and/or a mouth breather when they dated and is now hot and engaged to a scientist. But we're betting that Anna's character ends up with her best male friend (who's also a player), played by Chris Evans.