Crushable Quotable: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård Explains Why Swedes Have So Much Sex

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Crushable Quotable  True Blood s Alexander Skarsg rd Explains Why Swedes Have So Much Sex alexander skarsgard 6 640x480 jpg

Our beloved A-Skars recently sat down with Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund to do a tag team interview with Out Magazine. Over the course of the interview, they discussed many interesting facts about their icy homeland, but the most delightful part came at the end, when they explained why Swedes have such a lax attitude towards sexuality:

Skarsgård: Also, I think part of the reason why there are so many musicians coming out of Sweden is you’re encouraged to play an instrument, or to sing and be creative, from a very early age, and it’s free. It’s a combination of a good school system and the long, dark winters. Because that means people sit in their garages and play music for five months because it’s too cold and dark to be outside.

Åkerlund: That’s the boning season. [Laughter] And then it’s spring, and that’s also boning season. And summer’s the best boning season.

Skarsgård: And that’s also why we’re so liberal and so cool with our sexuality — because we fuck a lot [laughter].

Åkerlund: How much time can you spend playing the drums?

Skarsgård: When you’re bored, just have sex.

I feel like there are lots of people out there who would not at all mind having boredom sex with A-Skars, during the boning season or not. I’d also like to take a second to appreciate the fact that Out Magazine seems to have similar taste in men to us here at Crushable. Congrats on your excellent taste, Out.

(Via Out Magazine)