Crushable Quotable: Topher Grace Thinks Hollywood Is Bad At Sex

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Crushable Quotable  Topher Grace Thinks Hollywood Is Bad At Sex topher grace 280x175 jpgNerve’s “Sex Advice From” column is one of our favorite things on the Internet, because: sex! And sometimes famous people! The latest celeb to do the column is Topher Grace, whose new flick Take Me Home Tonight opened this week. However, Topher went the route less traveled and spent most of his interview talking about why he shouldn’t be giving sex advice. And it’s because he’s an actor, and actors are terrible at everything:

“Let me say this: all Hollywood celebrities are all divorced within five or six years of getting married — or within three days of getting married — and they’re all in and out of relationships all the time, right? So, begin by stop writing in to celebrities for dating advice. You should spend more time thinking about what her likes and dislikes are and less time writing in to ask celebrities what they think you should do.”

Words to live be? We hope not, because then we’d be out of a job.