Crushable Quotable: Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein Is Ok With Making People Uncomfortable

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Crushable Quotable  Portlandia s Carrie Brownstein Is Ok With Making People Uncomfortable portlandia jpgThis Friday night the second season of Portlandia will start on IFC. The show stars SNL‘s Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag musician Carrie Brownstein and, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s ridiculously entertaining. We’re talking laugh until you cry type of entertaining.

After a busy year of shooting the second season of Portlandia this past summer and touring with Wild Flag (who are extremely fantastic), Brownstein sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss her two passions: comedy and music.

As Brownstein points out there’s a subtle line between her acting and her band Wild Flag. While Portlandia is all about making fun of Portland (where Brownstein resides so she has permission), in music, comedy just doesn’t seem to work:

“I think they can’t help but be part of the same sphere. The more I try to keep them separate or divorced from each other, the more I feel schizophrenic. I take music pretty seriously – and, you know, when rock music tries to be funny it can be really embarrassing.”

So when Brownstein needs to take a break from her serious job, she can hang around her beloved Portland with Armisen and work that side of her creative personality. And part of Portlandia‘s charm is that sometimes the skits literally make you squirm in your seat because you’re just not sure how else you’re supposed to react. Brownstein dressed as a man, rocking a wife beater, with an extremely deep, masculine voice and fucking Armesin while his female character yells “cacao” is just one example.

Says Brownstein:

“Sometimes the humor comes from taking something really seriously. We’re okay with making somebody feel uncomfortable or uneasy. And in my own music, I totally embrace those moments – just for myself as the person making the music, I think it’s good to put yourself in a place of discomfort.”

Agreed. If being made “uncomfortable” by two comedic geniuses is your thing, then load up on the popcorn and get ready for Friday night at 10pm (eastern). And if you haven’t seen the first season, it’s now available to stream on Netflix. Go forth, future Portlandia fans.

(photo via IFC)