Winona Ryder Speaks Out About Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic “Oven Dodger” Joke

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Winona Ryder Speaks Out About Mel Gibson s Anti Semitic  Oven Dodger  Joke mel gibson beaver jpg

After Mel Gibson‘s DUI-related anti-semitic rant four years ago, the world seemed pretty shocked to hear of the actor’s apparently deeply-rooted racism. But Winona Ryder claims she’s known about Mel’s bigotry for years, claiming he’s both anti-semitic and homophobic — and in no way shy about letting those opinions out. In an interview with GQ, Winona explained:

“I remember, like, 15 years ago, I was at one of those big Hollywood parties, and [Mel Gibson] was really drunk. I was with my friend, who’s gay. [Gibson] made a really horrible gay joke. And somehow it came up that I was Jewish. He said something about ‘oven dodgers,’ but I didn’t get it. I’d never heard that before. It was just this weird, weird moment. I was like, ‘He’s anti-Semitic and he’s homophobic.’ No one believed me!”

Oven dodgers? Did you come up with that one yourself, Mel? Man. Why do studios continue to let this psycho make movies?