Crushable Quotable: Kristin Cavallari Resents MTV. How About The Money She Made?

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Kristin Cavallari, the former MTV reality star, is upset with her former producers. She's going to be on ABC's The Middle and spoke to Xfinity.TV about her experiences on Laguna Beach. Namely she thinks she was manipulated by MTV's producers. But clearly not enough to not cash their checks. Or avoid going on their spin-off show The Hills.

According to Kristin:

“I think it was really unfair how they messed with our lives like that. We were so young. We didn’t know exactly what they were doing. Watching the show really broke my heart.”

Kristin says that after the first episode of Laguna Beach, she locked herself away and cried. And yet, a few years later she came back for more on The Hills.

“Going into “The Hills,” I knew exactly what I was getting into. I wasn’t going to let them mess with me. That’s why I went into it saying, “Whatever you guys want me to do, I’ll do. Don’t mess with me. I’ll be a participant.” They’re very shady with you. And that’s what they did when we were doing “Laguna Beach” and we were so young to be doing that. So it’s just how my life has gone. It’s the path that I’ve chosen. It’s all been worth it.”

Meanwhile, even though Kristin admits now that “almost all of it” was fake, she hasn't been turned off of reality TV. What is Kristin doing now?

“I’m focusing on producing reality TV shows.”

This is starting to sound like Stockholm Syndrome…