Crushable Party Report: AnnaLynne McCord, Ed Westwick Hit Vogue’s Bash For Express

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Ed Westwick, AnnaLynne McCord and 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden were among the stars who stepped out last night to celebrate Vogue's 30th birthday bash for Express, which opened its first store in 1980. Ed wore a floppy hat to the event, and mingled with AnnaLynne and Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev. At one point, AnnaLynne grabbed Ed's hat and began dancing with it; Ed looked sweaty and drank Champagne.

AnnaLynne and Nina, who had made earlier appearances at the CW Network's upfront presentation, hung out in the VIP section — AnnaLynne was happy just chillin' with the commonfolk, but Nina persuaded her to climb behind the velvet rope. Meanwhile, the 90210 bombshell snapped photos of singer VV Brown's performance on Crushable's camera.

Check out her shots — and some of ours! — below.

Here's me (Amanda) with AnnaLynne, on-trend in a sporty white blazer.

A gaping mouth Bass!

Ed Westwick: Sans Jessica Szohr and looking ever the dandy.

Katrina Bowden, just hanging out with some shaggy-haired dude named “Ben.” Where's Liz?

VV Brown performs!


AnnaLynne took this photo — kinda blurry, but our camera was almost out of juice.