Crushable Exclusive: Mark Indelicato From ‘Ugly Betty’ May Have A Reality Show Coming, But Won’t Be The Next LC Or Whitney Port

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Last night Crushable rocked out to Cobra Starship at the top of Ford Fiesta's Rooftop on the West Side Highway with Miss USA Rima Fakih, Nylon magazine, and Mark Indelicato…better known as gay teen Justin Suarez in Ugly Betty.

“I'm always telling people that I'm not Justin,” Mark sighed, “though I did grow up on that show. We made history as the youngest kids ever on television (to share a gay kiss). And I liked the show because the words ‘gay' were never uttered in our storyline. Because to me, we were letting the viewer make their own choices about the characters … we weren't shoving it in people's faces.”

Compared to what, say, Kurt (Chris Colfer) character on Glee?

“See, I am an avid Glee watcher, but that story to me is like every other gay story ever told. The unsupportive father in the beginning who walks in on his son dancing … and Justin was flamboyant, I get that, but … we were real and we showed the real stuff.”

Now Mark is working an internship at Teen Vogue, which he says is nothing at all like the gigs  held by Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port on The Hills. “No, it's like a real internship … like they have me putting together boxes and stuff. They don't treat me like a celebrity.”

When we asked him what type of TV or movie show he'd like to do next, Mark became super animated. “My dream role ever…I wanna be in an action movie with Angelina Jolie, I want to fall off a building, I want to shoot a gun, I want to be in Wanted! I want to be in a fist-fight with Angelina, just like punching her in the face, all scratched and fun … that would be so fun!”

What about his own reality show? “I'm still thinking about that,” he said. “Maybe. It would be more towards showing people that Justin was not me, and that I do other things too. But you'll see I'm not a depressed person … it would be more about the way we live our lives.”

Sounds like that's more than idle chatter to us … so let's keep our fingers crossed for a Mark Indelicato reality show! We would totally watch, and not just because we loved Justin.