Crushable Exclusive: Felicity Jones Enjoys Naked Hot Tubbing In Chalet Girl

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Before the critically-acclaimed Like Crazy comes to theaters, check out its star Felicity Jones in the indie film Chalet Girl. She plays Kim, a champion skateboarder who lucks into a job at a swanky chalet up in the Alps and falls for her boss' son Jonny (Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick).

Crushable's got an exclusive clip from the movie: While the boss is away, Kim and the other employees decide to have a big party complete with crazy Finnish people who love to roll around in the freezing snow and them jump into the hot tubs. Naked, of course.

Chalet Girl is already available on cable Video On Demand as well as online; you can rent it here. Those of you who like to watch your movies in the traditional way can catch it in theaters starting October 14.