Crushable Downloadable: Small Black Featuring Himanshu Of Das Racist, ‘Two Rivers’

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Small Black

Small Black is a weird band from Brooklyn that sounds like the past and the future all at once. They've been pigeonholed as “chillwave” but that made up genre has run its course, so I'm going to make up a new one and call it “bizarro pop” instead. These guys are pretty great at creating those gorgeous, gauzy textured layers of noise that rock nerds love, but they also sound a little bit like they're sampling the 90s hiphop and R&B that I heard on the radio as a kid. Also, sometimes they sound like outer space. See what I mean about the past and the future?

The song I'm posting for download comes from their new mixtape Moon Killer and features Himanshu from Das Racist doing a laid back flow that feels like it's licking all your linguistic receptors at once. If you like it, visit the band's page at JagJaguwar Records to hear more.

02 Two Rivers (feat. Heems)

(To download the track, right click the link above and hit “save link as.”)