Crushable Downloadable: Azealia Banks’ Hot New Diplo Produced Track, ‘F*ck Up The Fun’

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Harlem's hiphop wunderkind Azealia Banks released a new track today called “Fuck Up The Fun,” and it's every bit as delightful as her first hit, “212.” Click through to listen!

Azealia Banks – Fuck Up The Fun

As you can hear, “Fuck Up The Fun” delivers exactly what it promises: it is both fucked up and fun. Over a playground beat, Ms. Banks delivers a rapid-fire rant about shooting and robbing. You get the sense, though, that she's not actually out there shooting and robbing people, but merely demonstrating what she can do with this well worn hip-hop trope. In the middle, she breaks into a stoner-ish giggle before turning her rant to her favorite topic, oral sex. (Getting it.) Also: “getting this money, for real, for real, for real.” If you ask me, she deserves all the money, oral sex, and other nice things that come her way.

(Download it over at Stereogum)