Crushable 25: Vote For Your Favorite Rising Actor Now!

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It can get tough to keep up with all of the celebrities just existing and celeb-ing it up out there. That’s why Crushable makes two lists every single year to keep track of all the people you need to know about and care about and obsess about. Naturally they’re named 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 and 25 Crushable Girls Under 25.  Between the two of them, we cover every up-and-coming celebrity that matters.  And now it’s time to start making our 2013 guys list!

We’ve scanned every corner of the biz and have chosen almost all of our men. But we need your help filling in the last few slots. The first poll for this year’s list is to help us pick the most talented and the most deserving rising actor. Sure, these guys aren’t household names yet — but we’re pretty sure that by next year they’ll be bigger than big.

So far we’ve narrowed it down to five guys, but now it’s your turn to narrow it down to just one.  So go go go, make sure you vote and make sure you share with all your favorite fans so that your guy can win.

To learn more about the candidates, read on!

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