The Aged Actresses Who Just Missed Making Our Crushable 25 List

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Crushable 25 graduating classes aged actresses who just missed our list Rebel Wilson Anna Kendrick Leighton Meester

Age—it's every actress' nightmare in Hollywood, as that number determines whether you're playing the quirky indie teen, the hapless twentysomething Everywoman, the wacky best friend, or (shudder) the mother. You hear stories of actresses who fake their age to stay in a certain bracket for parts, or those who don't reveal a birthdate at all. Age factors into our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25 list, too. The official list comes out this week, when we'll be honoring the breakout female stars (all under 25) who we can't stop talking about, tweeting at, and crushing on.

Making the list was tough. Cutting older actresses was even harder. We love these ladies! Some we've grown up with while we both they and we were teenagers; others we've only just met. But we couldn't bend the rules, because 25 is our cut-off. However, so many funny, gorgeous, relatable stars are enjoying the peak of their careers instead of a quarterlife crisis, that we had to honor them somehow.

So, check out which famous ladies just missed our age limit!

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com