Crush This: What’s New In Movies, TV And Miley Cyrus

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Crush This  What s New in Movies  TV and Miley Cyrus alloy default image jpgWelcome to Crush This, your weekly guide to what’s new in movies, music, TV, and DVD. We’ve navigated the upcoming release calendars in search of all the pop culture landscape has to offer. On deck this week are The Last Song with Miley Cyrus, 10 Things I Hate About You and more.


Miley and her Aussie boyfriend of 10 months, Liam Hemsworth, co-star in the latest adaption of a Nicholas Sparks weepie; this one, called The Last Song, comes out on Wednesday and features Miley as a teen rebel from New York who gets sent down to a seaside Southern town to reconnect with her estranged father (Greg Kinnear). There, she meets a boy and they fall in love but like any Sparks tale, this one might not have a totally pat ending. It also doesn’t have Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Still, we’re interested in seeing how Miley carries a dramatic role versus sunny Hannah Montana fare. If she plays her cards right, she could pull a Hathaway and score a Rachel Getting Married/Oscar nomination with darker material.

Clash of the Titans arrives Friday, with Liam Neeson as Zeus — we likey! — Sam Worthington as Perseus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades, because playing the evil Voldemort is not good enough. Why is Gerard Butler doing rom-coms and NOT THIS?

Also on tap for Friday: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? We loved the first one — if only for Jill Scott’s wrenching turn as a wronged wife — and for the sequel, Janet Jackson chews some major dramatic scenery as a woman whose marriage is on the rocks; she did not have to reach far to channel her character’s anger and distress. Her brother Michael Jackson died while she was filming the movie in the Bahamas, and production halted so she could grieve with her family.


Remember the awesome ’90s movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, co-starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger? Well, now that film is serving as inspiration for the ABC Family sitcom, which debuts new episodes starting tonight. Crushable’s Amanda Ernst has the inside scoop.

Monday also brings the season-finale of Greek, and a brand-new episode of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations, wherein Anthony Bourdain visits central Vietnam highlands. Vietnam is Tony’s Shangri-la; Sweden is his vision of Hell.

The ABC sci-fi series V co-starring Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell returns Tuesday to round out season one; the show, about the unwelcome arrival of nefarious alien visitors, could not ask for a better lead-in on the heels of Lost, which is kicking ass and making us crazy in its series finale. Also on Wednesday: The National Geographic Channel premieres Rebel Monkeys, about a gang of bothersome-yet-sacred monkeys holding fort in Jaipur, India.

New episodes of Fox’s Bones and Fringe arrive Thursday, so as to not interfere with the network’s cash cow American Idol.


After a brief delay, Usher is ready to drop his latest album Raymond v. Raymond on Tuesday. It’s a good one, since Usher does NOT do mediocre. That said, we have the sinking feeling that someday in the near future, Usher will be opening for the horrifying national phenomenon known as Justin Bieber, the protege he plucked from obscurity and introduced to the masses. The protege who will one day stab him in the back and steal his girlfriend.