Crush This: What’s New In Movies, Music and ‘Glee’

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Welcome to Crush This, your weekly guide to what’s new in movies, music and TV. We’ve navigated the inner reaches of our entertainment-obsessed brains in search of all the pop culture landscape has to offer. On deck this week: Kick-Ass, a new season of Deadliest Catch, Doctor Who returns, Jason Castro‘s debut album and, the moment we've all been waiting for, Glee. Is. Back.

TV: Don't forget to check your DVRs: Glee‘s first episode of 2010 will kick off on Tuesday at 9:28 p.m. ET, giving us two extra minutes of harmonic goodness, but seriously messing up our Tivo schedules. However, we're very much looking forward to the introduction of two new characters from rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline: Jonathan Groff as potential Rachel Berry love interest Jesse St. James and Idina Menzel as Vocal Adrenaline's coach and possibly Rachel's mom. Songs in the first episode will be following the “hell” theme, including the Beatles “Hello.”

Not into Glee? Bravo is also premiering a new series on Tuesday, 9 By Design, which follows husband and wife design team Bob and Courtney Novogratz at work and at home where they juggle their business with raising six kids — and one on the way. Also on Tuesday, the newest season of Deadliest Catch will premiere on Discovery, and we'll be watching to see how they handle the recent death of Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris.

Earlier in the week, check out new shows Double Exposure on Bravo and Tough Love: Couples on VH1. And on Saturday, BBC America premieres a new season of Dr. Who at 9 p.m., after the special Dr. Who: The Ultimate Guide.

Movies: It's a strange twist on superhero movies, but it looks like Kick-Ass will be a rocking good time at the movies this weekend. The film, which follows a group of DIY superhero vigilantes, including teenager Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) and father-daughter crime-fighting duo Big Daddy and Hit Girl (Nicholas Cage and Chloe Moretz), as they battle New York City bad guys like Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), debuts Thursday.

Music: Dreadlocked Season 7 American Idol contestant Jason Castro‘s self-titled debut album drops Tuesday. You may have seen him perform the album's first single, “That's What I'm Here For” at The Bachelor‘s Jason‘s wedding to Molly on ABC last month, and the song will undoubtedly be a staple at weddings this spring and summer.

What are you looking forward to in music, movies and television this coming week?