Crush Links: Suri Cruise Is So Above Scientology

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• Okay, last week Kris Jenner was refusing to let Kourtney marry Scott and now she’s forcing her to? Color me confused (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Brad Pitt‘s younger brother is starring in a Virgin Mobile ad. In other news, the guy in the Virgin Mobile ad has an older brother that’s married to Angelina Jolie (Celebuzz)

• Just one more reason Jay Z is infinitely superior to Kanye. Watch him hilariously interrupt his acceptance speech (Have You Heard)

• So…we all agree that therapy session between Theresa Giudice and her brother was pretty much fruitless right? (The Stir)

• I would be concerned that Tom Cruise wants to brainwash Suri by sending her to Scientology school, but I’m pretty sure she would just scoff at all her teachers (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Simon Cowell likes the cute female contestants best? That’s weird (Hollywood Hiccups)