Crush Links: Snooki Hookup Jeff Miranda Speaks!

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  • Jeff Miranda, the 24-year-old former Iraq war veteran, only just met Snooki last Friday at Karma. He says, “Just kissing her was a rush. Her lips are matched perfectly to mine … I couldn't even explain it.” And then! “She got mad at me because of my tongue ring. It reminded her of [ex] Emilio. I took it out of my tongue and threw it out into the beach. I took it right out for her.” (Us Weekly)
  • Bachelor Pad‘s Weatherman – and dark horse to win the $250K – has a blog! Possible spoiler alert: This means he probably won't win – if ABC approves your blog, then you're probably kicked out of the manse mid-season. (Life & Style)
  • Sandra Bullock on her status with tattooed philandering ex Jesse James: “We have both moved on.” (People)
  • Meanwhile, Speidi‘s divorce is “so Hollywood.” (Radar)
  • Claire Danes is now promoting a line of paint; to be fair, the colors are really tasteful. (UK Daily Mail)
  • Tiffani Thiessen, aka Kelly Kopowski, shows off her new baby on the NYC set of White Collar. (UK Daily Mail)
  • Demi Lovato is leading the hot hot hot pink dress trend. (MTV Style)
  • Before getting married last week, Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie signed a prenup. His family is worth some $500 million. Smart! (Page Six)