Crush Links: Penelope Cruz Pregnant??

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Crush Links  Penelope Cruz Pregnant  penelope cruz pic getty 691974279 jpg• Is that Penelope Cruz‘s baby-bump, or did she just have too much craft-services on the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film? (The Sun)

Miley Cyrus was seen hanging with former beau Liam Hemsworth, leaving Douglas Booth wondering where his 15 minutes went. (Perez Hilton)

Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston. Surprising? Um, we guess. (Betty Confidential)

• Some lucky kid just inherited Mario Lopez‘s dimples and oddly perfect teeth. (MSNBC)

Lady Gaga won’t tour with Kanye West because he’s “a mess.” That’s the pot calling the kettle a cocaine meat dress. (Radar Online)

David Beckham loves the Jersey Shore guys. Wonder if he thinks of himself more of a Situation or a Ronnie. (Page Six)