Crush Links: Miley Cyrus Bong Parody Girl Is Frenemy #1

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Crush Links  Miley Cyrus Bong Parody Girl Is Frenemy  1 Picture 17 280x155 pngApparently, the girl who taped Miley Cyrus smoking salvia and shared the video with the world has taped a parody video of the whole mess. What a biatch! Video after the jump. (ONTD)

Zac Efron is cutting off his locks for a movie. And charity. (socialitelife)

Pauly D from The Jersey Shore is getting his own show. (People)

John Mayer photobombing photos of happy couples is a little like when Bruce Springsteen does it. But nobody’s happy at the end. (JustJared)

Taylor Swift would like to take Katy Perry to the prom. At least they’d have awesome sparkly outfits? (People)

Meanwhile, Katy uses magic tricks to keep husband Russell Brand interested in her. In bed. (celebuzz)