Crush Links: Laura Dern and Ben Harper Break Up

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• We had totally forgotten that Jurassic Park actresses Laura Dern was married to musician Ben Harper. Welp, not anymore. (E! Online)

JWOWW is going to wrassle for $15 grand. Her competitors? Jersey Shore lookalikes “Robbie E.” and “Cookie.” (TMZ)

• Kabbalah-lovers Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are in Israel, either working on their marriage or trying to bridge Israel-Palestine relations. Which one has a better chance of succeeding? (People)

Aaron Carter is looking healthy these days. (RadarOnline)

• Oh yeah, Eminem and Anderson Cooper had their little love-in on 60 Minutes. (Perez Hilton)

Bonnie Fuller is obsessed with Sister Wives. We kind of love her for that. (Twitter)

• And if you really cared about this Kim Kardashian/Scott Disick feud…(We're over it until he murders her with an axe, Patrick Bateman-style. ‘Cuz you know that's who he really is.) (Celebitchy)