Crush Links: Lady Gaga Touches Herself For The Yankees, Stadium Not Impressed

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Lady Gaga should just stop going to baseball games: This weekend she managed not to take Jerry Seinfeld‘s seat or flip off the cameras, but was kicked out of Yankee Clubhouse 4 life after sneaking in, chugging her own whiskey and fondling herself.. (RadarOnline)

• Tonight marks the end of Showtime's The Tudors, which is probably a good thing since Jonathan Rhys Meyers is back in rehab. (Buzzsugar)

• Is Megan Fox pulling an Adrianne Curry? She's starting to get nerds all hot and bothered by showing off her encyclopedic knowledge of Lord Of The Rings. All we need now is some WoW naked Twitpics and she's gold. (Popsugar)

• For the upcoming Facebook movie, Network, Jesse Eisenberg‘s already got Mark Zuckerberg beat in the hottie factor. (Vulture)

• White House party-crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi have basically already been cast as the villains of The Real Housewives Of D.C. Surprised? (Gawker)

• Disney star Aly Michalka of Aly & AJ has a stalker determined to marry the tween actress “no matter what.” Creepy. (TMZ)

• This Jeremy London kidnapping story is getting less believable by the second…now apparently his wife Melissa Cunningham was with him when he was taken, but the kidnappers dropped her off at her house because she started to cry? Okay… (Dlisted)

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