Crush Links: Kelsey Grammer Will Remarry In February, But Not According To Camille

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Kelsey Grammer wants to remarry in February. (Radar Online)

But not if Camille Grammer has anything to do with it. Especially because their divorce is not finalized (People)

Natalie Portman is very superstitious about pregnancy. (People)

Meanwhile, model Devon Aoki is also pregnant and engaged. (People)

Geez. Selma Blair is pregnant too. Is there something being pumped into the water in LA right now? (CelebGossip)

This is a good deal. Orlando Bloom is set to make $2 million to appear in The Hobbit for two minutes. Legolas forever! (celebuzz)

Oprah is doing a documentary on Chaz Bono, Cher‘s gender bending child, called Becoming Chad. But I kind of wish it was going to be a Lifetime movie. (Deadline)