Crush Links: Kanye’s Cover Art Gets Nixed

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• The man is trying to censor Kanye West! His cover art idea for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been banned in the US, probably because it is terrifying and involves bird boobs. (Twitter)

Flashdance: The Musical should probably stay in London theaters. You know, American audiences won't just buy into nostalgia just because someone put it to pop music. (J/k, Glee!) (Variety)

• Is Lady Gaga getting “fat”? No, she's probably getting “less sickly thin.” Still, time for a costume change. (RadarOnline)

Paris Hilton‘s aunts, Kim and Kyle Richards, caused huge family drama when they decided to go on The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. That family has a reputation to uphold! (People)

• The Internet vigilantes are at it again: This time trying to track down a British man who was taped kicking his dog. Michael Bay, ready to pony up another bounty for his head? (Buzzfeed)

• The real sleazebag of Facebook isn't Mark Zuckerberg, it's Peter Theil, the billionaire who thinks women's votes ruined America and started a fellowship for kids to drop out of college and start their own tech companies (that he can glom onto). (Slate)

Justin Bieber got a little too aggressive at laser tag in Canada and may be facing assault charges. Come on Canada, time to man up if you're crying over a shoulder-check from America's most adorable lesbian. (TMZ)