Crush Links: James Franco Let Down By ‘Twilight’ Sex

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James Franco was “let down” by the Twilight sex scenes in the book. Soooo straight, that one. (PopSugar)

The Office is starting tonight, and whether or not this will be the last season is still up in the air. One thing guaranteed? Amy Ryan will be coming back by December. (Entertainment Weekly)

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove is making a cameo appearance on The Good Wife. (Wonderwall)

American Idol‘s panel is now Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, alongside Randy Jackson. Fun! (Betty Confidential)

Lindsay Lohan‘s got a new friend in Jesus, according to her father, and this new (kinda hot) televangical preacher. (TMZ)

• The Inception video game is going to take us to as-yet-unexplored dream states. (Nerve)

Joaquin Phoenix “apologized” to David Letterman and his audience for fooling them with his I'm Still Here antics. But uh, Letterman was in on it? Sooo…(RadarOnline)