Crush Links: George Clooney’s GF Under Investigation

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  • George Clooney‘s Italian girlfriend is caught up in a cocaine scandal. (Us Weekly)
  • Justin “Rated R” Rego got sick after watching Men Tell All. (People)
  • New Jersey Shore castmate Deena Nicole has a “heart of gold.” That is, until she meets The Situation. (Radar)
  • Heidi and Spencer are still seeing each other; also, Heidi has been “gardening a lot.” (Radar)
  • Chelsea‘s wedding will be a “no fly zone.” We have to cancel the helicopters then! (TMZ)
  • Who will Kanye follow first on Twitter? (Vulture)
  • Never pick a fight with Patti Stanger. You will lose. (Page Six)
  • Titanic: The Sequel. (Dlisted)