Crush Links: Gaga Wants A KISS

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Lady Gaga is a KISS fan. Guess we shouldn't be surprised, with all that makeup. (Perez Hilton)

Jersey Shore‘s Vinny had his 2010 Mercedes towed. Awww…poor baby. (TMZ)

• Don't call Matt LeBlanc “Joey.” Even though he's currently making a TV show cashing in on the idea that he's a washed-up actor who's only known for playing Joey. (PopEater)

Diddy has it bad for Sammi from Jersey Shore. Maybe she just doesn't know who he is? (Scene Queens)

• We're starting to think Sally Draper – aka 10-year-old Kiernan Shipka – is actually an adult midget for how smart she is. (TheFrisky)

Jim Carrey may be back with Jenny McCarthy. (Celebitchy)