Cruise and Packer Bond, Holmes Shops at Target

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According to the Herald Sun, Tom Cruise left Melbourne on Tuesday with good friend James Packer for a few days at sea on one of Packer's yachts. Obviously, this is just hearsay.

Tom, Katie and Suri in the South of France (June 2007) for James Packer wedding.

Tom, Katie and Suri in the South of France (June 2007) for James Packer wedding.

The yacht is called the Arctic P and sails across the Pacific for some recreational fun. Those of you who follow Tom Cruise news know that he and Packer have been very good friends for sometime. Tom introduced Packer to the Church of Scientology and Tom was at his side when his father passed away.

From the sound of it, they haven't been able to spend much time together because of their busy work and family lives.

Reportedly, while Tom was away, Katie and Suri did some shopping at Target. Accompanied by two security guards they spent about $800 on clothes, toys and housewares to make their stay at the Crown feel more like home.

Holmes and Suri, accompanied by two security guards, browsed the store before buying among other things a children's bike, a Dora the Explorer piano, a Barbie doll, some flannelette sheets for a child's bed, several floor mats with heart and flower designs, some board games, several children's DVDs and an AFL football.

I could easily spend $800 at Target. Love that store!! I hope that Melbourne will feel like home for the Cruises.

Image Credit: Newscom