Cruise and Beckham to Buy a Soccer Team?

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David Beckham Attends A Mobile Phone Event In Tokyo
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The Cruises and the Beckhams are obviously good friends these days. The like to hang out and seem to enjoy each other&//#8217;s company. According to the celebrity website janetcharltonshollywood, Tom Cruise and David Beckham are not only buddies, but are on the road to becoming business partners.

According to a friend of the guys, they&//#8217;re plotting to team up and buy a soccer team. David is still an awesome player but his career is winding down and he wants to go from soccer player to team owner. Theoretically, the combined star power of David and Tom would attract the biggest and best players. The guys are keeping their plans quiet for now but they&//#8217;re crunching numbers to put a deal together.

I have no idea if this rumor is close to being remotely true, but I do believe they would make an awesome and powerful team. I went to see Beckham play in a soccer game way back in the 90&//#8217;s and it was quite enjoyable to say the least. 🙂