Cruel Intentions Is The Most Messed Up Teen Movie Ever Made

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Anyways, Sebastian sets off on his mission while his sister sets out to destroy a girl's life. Meet Cecile (Selma Blair), she's the woman who stole Kathryn's boyfriend away from her. Which is funny because she has the mentality of a five-year-old. (Insert a record scratch here.) Yes, a five-year-old. She dresses and acts like a young child. It's supposed to be funny, but instead just comes off as so incredibly weird. Can't this movie have ONE character who's in a normal, consensual relationship? No? Okay, finnneee.

Back to Sebastian and Annette. She's staying with his aunt (sure, go with it) and he travels out to spend time with her. But his seduction plans fails right away because Cecile's mother warned Annette that Sebastian's a little turd. Angry that Cecile's mom ruined his plan, he sets out to ruin her daughter's life. Cue an awkward oral sex scene between Sebastian and Cecile — who you might remember has the brain capacity of a flea. Like maybe her mom should spend more time at home with her and less time trash talking high school students.

Feeling more confident about his ability to ruin lives, Sebastian goes back to Annette and succeeds at making her fall in love with him. But twist, he falls in love with her. It's extremely romantic until you remember why they met. And that the original prize for seducing her was getting to sleep with his step-sister.

Except ANOTHER twist, when Kathryn offers up his prize for sleeping with Annette, Sebastian refuses it. You see, he's met someone who's not related to him and he's kind of into it more. Naturally Kathryn flips a shit. How dare her step-brother not want to put it in her! HOW DARE HE!?

Queue up “Bittersweet Symphony” here please….

So long story short, she sets up a fight between him and Cecile's paramour which ends with Sebastian getting hit by traffic and dying. But don't worry, Sebastian tells Annette he loves her right before he dies. And it's all very romantic and Nicholas Sparks and WTF rolled up into one. While Kathryn's pretty pleased with herself, her pleasure doesn't last for long. Annette and Cecile distribute Sebastian's diary to all the students at school and GASP, it has all the details about what a psycho Kathryn is. Because in addition to being a seductive sociopath, Sebastian's also very good at writing everything down. It also gets revealed that she keeps cocaine in the cross she wears around her neck. Obviously she gets in trouble with the school (but not wither her parents, they're still completely MIA) and Annette gets to drive around in Sebastian's jaguar laughing to herself about the summer she fell in love, lost her virginity and subsequently lost the love of her life.

Moral of the story? I don't know guys. Don't hit on your stepsister if you don't really want to sleep with her?

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