There Was A Totally Meta Cruel Intentions Reunion At The Cruel Intentions Musical Last Night

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We're all friends here, right? Okay, good, then I feel totally comfortable in telling you all that Cruel Intentions was essentially the cinematic embodiment of my sexual awakening. That's why, whenever I see any of the cast members hanging out, I feel a little sense of pride and, well, sexual re-awakening. And you know what? I don't even care how weird that sounds, because Reese WitherspoonSelma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a CI reunion last night at the The Unauthorized Musical Parody Of Cruel Intentions musical in L.A. #SoMeta.

In the spirit of, “Pics or it didn't happen,” there's plenty of photographic evidence of the joyous reunion. Selma posted some pretty cute ones to her Insta:

It's kind of crazy to look at the three of them together, because really, I don't think any of these ladies has aged a day. Like, the only difference it SMG's hair color.

The only thing missing is Selma's koala bear shirt!



But the adorableness/reenactment of some of the movie's most memorable moments didn't stop there, because what would be a Cruel Intentions reunion without taking a minute to remember Kathryn and Cecile's kiss? SMG and Selma's words, not mine:


(Instagram/Brad Everett Young)

What a time to be alive, ya know? We are all the third-wheeling Reese pictured here.

Anyway, it's always sweet to see that people in Hollywood can still get along almost 20 years after initially shooting a movie. Also, guys, Cruel Intentions came out in 1999. WHERE DID ALL OF THAT TIME GO?? When did I get so old? Am I going to start finding gray hairs soon? Am I too old for conning my therapist so that I can sleep with her kid, Sebastian-style? Yeah? Fine.