Cristiano Ronaldo’s Zig-Zag Haircut Might Have Been More Charitable Than Douchey

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Cristiano Ronaldo USA vs Portugal match World Cup June 22 2014

I don't know much about sports, but I do know that the World Cup is happening now. And I also know that's the thing where people from different countries play soccer. (Can I get my gold star now?) One other thing I know is that a lot of people consider Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to be a douche. The fact that he showed off a zig-zag pattern shaved into the side of his head during Sunday's match between Portugal and the United States certainly didn't lessen the douche factor. People were quick to mock it. But it turns out the style might have actually had a deeper, much nicer meaning, according to reports.

There's a new report going around that Cristiano shaved the pattern into his hair as a tribute to a young boy named Erik Ortiz Cruz, who underwent brain surgery in March for a condition called cortical dysplasia, which causes seizures. The pattern in Cristiano's hair was supposedly done to match Erik's scars from the operation. But that's not all. Back in March it was reported that Cristiano also paid $83,000 for Erik's surgery, which is believed to have been successful. Cristiano has a history of charity work like this. He also reportedly paid for a child's cancer treatment in 2012. However, he makes a habit of not speaking about this kind of stuff publicly.

If it is the case, then that's undeniably a wonderful gesture. If it's not the case (and some people are skeptical about it because it hasn't been confirmed), then it's just a silly haircut. But I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that there really was a charitable reason behind it. Since he does have a history of things like this, I can see it being true. And I can totally get behind ridiculous hairstyles if they're done for the right reasons.

(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)