Fiona Apple Arrested For Hash Possession, Now Literally A Criminal

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Cue up the “Criminal” references. 35-year-old singer, emoter, and all around awesome person Fiona Apple has been arrested in Texas after the cops boarded and inspected her tour bus and found (OMG!) a little bit of hash.

According to TMZ, this happened in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have had similar SNAFUS, and where you'd think musicians would have learned to avoid by now. (And where you don't need probable cause to search someone's vehicle?) Our beautiful singing angst-flower was arrested for possession and taken to jail (jail!), where as far as we know, she remains today.

Beyond the obvious ridiculousness of going to jail for having a little bit of weed in the year 2012, have the cops of Sierra Blanca seen Fiona Apple? She's a tiny, shaky, nervous, orchid person. If anyone should be allowed to smoke hash, it's her. It seems to me like this town is just jealous of Fiona's talent and, lacking anything more posi with which to put itself on the map, has resorted to arresting beloved musicians under dubious circumstances. Don't believe the hype, Sierra Blanca: not all publicity is good publicity. In fact, I think everyone kind of hates you now.


(Via TMZ)

Photo: WENN