18 of the Creepiest Scenes in Your Favorite Childhood Movies

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We all did it growing up: we snuck around and stayed up late just to catch a late-night horror movie playing, despite warnings from our parents about nightmares. Nah! We won't have nightmares, we naively thought, but alas we did. And from there vowed to never watch scary films again.

Unfortunately, the creepiest scenes we ever saw weren't just in the horror movies. Sometimes they were unexpectedly hiding in our favorite kids' movies. Family-friendly films came with plenty of good songs to sing along to, but every so often, a scene perfect for scaring the heck out of us was thrown in as well. From Disney classics like the Lion King to '90s Halloween faves like Halloweentown, here are 18 so-called children's movies whose creepy scenes had us sleeping with the lights on for weeks.