Crazy Fundamentalists Hate Bill Murray OR Clever Internet Prank?

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Hmm…we're not sure about this one. We can understand Fred Phelps wanting to get his face all over Comic-Con, even though it does seem to be a stretch for the Westboro Baptist Church to start hating on superheroes (they are a symbol of America, guys). So far be it from us to say that ChristWire.org doesn't actually believe that actor Bill Murray is the devil, and just picked a popular, random actor with the knowledge that it would be huge link-bait. Although we're not even sure it's not just some big joke:

Celebrity Murray is a sleazy slacker, a hero to “hipsters,” an icon of the unemployed. From his role as the potsmoking day laborer in Caddyshack to the hermaphrodite in Ed Wood to the sex-crazed pervert pushing demonology in Ghostbussers, to the lusty elderly hotel guest in Lost In Translation, Murray has explored every cranny of shamefulness. He never appears clean cut or sober, never moral or compassionate. He is a hollow man, a two-dimensional figure mirroring contemporary society’s addiction to half-hearted hedonism (i.e. those too drunk to rape).

Awww, but that's why we love him! Btw, click on this internal links provided for you…they make absolutely no sense.