The 20 Best Songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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The CW

There is no other show like this on television. This witty, comedic musical is so relatable for twentysomethings and is seriously underrated. Series star and creator Rachel Bloom is an unbelievably talented singer and actress. For those who haven't seen the show, Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe for her performance. She stars as Rebecca Bunch, a young woman who in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, moves to West Covina, California because her ex-boyfriend Josh from summer camp back in the day lives there.

The premise is a little nuts for sure but the first two seasons gave us so many great, hilarious, and original musical numbers. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend uses these crazy tunes to carry on their plot and storylines like any good musical. The only exception is that the songs and numbers are all a figment of Rebecca Bunch's imagination. Doesn't make them any less great. In honor of the season three premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Friday, October 13th, this is a list of some of the best songs from seasons one and two. In no particular order, here are the best songs from the first two seasons of this crazy good show. *Spoilers ahead*