Hot Shot: British Singer Craig David Got Ripped

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When I first heard that British singer-songwriter Craig David had gotten “bigger,” I immediately assumed that he had gone the Kevin Federline route and blown up to 200+ pounds. But instead we get a surprise: The singer, who had been edging toward husky when his cringe-worthy “7 Days” became a hit single in 2000, has been tweeting since the beginning of 2012 about getting in shape.

Ironically, his Twitter avatar is still the photo we all have of him: Goatee, close-cropped hair, oversize white T-shirt. Craig's been eating healthy and hitting the beach to slim down and bulk up. His tweets also reference a new album: All about killing it in the gym and recording a smash in the studio!! #leggoooooo and Let's make this an epic year and create some magic in the studio as I'm more than ready! #beenlongenough

The transformation makes it even funnier that a decade ago, we knew Craig for this silly song with lyrics like Met this girl on Monday / Took her for a drink on Tuesday / We be makin' love by Wednesday / And for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, chill on Sunday.