Cover Art And Track Listing Revealed For Backstreets Boys Album “This Is Us”

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Hey BSB fans! The artwork for the new Backstreet Boys album This is Us has been revealed as well as the track listing for it. This is the boy band’s seventh album, which they will be releasing on October 6th. Cover Art and Track Listing Revealed for Backstreets Boys Album  This Is Us  Thisisus thumb jpg

Member of the band, Nick Carter, said in a press release, "We’re really excited to release this new album and know that our fans are excited too. We worked with a group of amazing artists and producers that we’ve never worked with before, exploring new sounds and territory and know the final product turned out incredible."

They have already released their single and accompanying music video for “Straight Through My Heart” which BSB fans seem to be absolutely loving.

I don’t know about this. Since coming back from their hiatus, I just haven’t really been liking their music, but I’m glad that some of the hardcore fans seem satisfied. For those of you who are interested be sure to check out the album’s track listing!

"This Is Us" track listing:

  1. "Straight Through My Heart"
  2. "Bigger"
  3. "Bye Bye Love"
  4. "All of Your Life (You Need Love)"
  5. "If I Knew Then"
  6. "This Is Us"
  7. "PDA"
  8. "Masquerade"
  9. "She’s A Dream"
  10. "Shattered"
  11. "Undone"

Image: Amazon.com