Video: Here’s Your First Glimpse Of Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison On Couples Therapy

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The first trailer for VH1's new season of Couples Therapy (starring Courtney Stodden!) is here, and although Courtney's screen time is brief, it hints at the greatness that is to come.

Courtney doesn't appear until halfway through the thirty-second trailer, but when she does, she's pretty hard to miss. We get to see Nik Richie (the same guy who called Doug a pedophile) pick on Courtney, prompting Doug to be all “did you just call my wife trash?” and Nik to be all “look what she's wearing, bro.” Fight! Fight! Fight! We also see a clip of Courtney and Doug in therapy as Doug is asked “why didn't you say to her, ‘let's wait until you're 21?'” and he replies, “I didn't want to.” Pan to Courtney, and she's got a look on her face like “Oh Dougie, you know I'm irresistibly hot, lol.”

I think it's safe to say that the show is going to be great viewing no matter what happens, even if Courtney and Doug are actually perfect soul mates who are making up fake marital problems so they can be on TV. They might even turn out to be the sanest couple on the show, which is a scary thought. Tune in to find out!

(Via Buzzfeed)