We Did It: Courtney Stodden Has Landed A Reality Show

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We did it, guys. After many months of doggedly covering the ridiculous things she does despite her not being a real celebrity, we, the citizens of the Internet, have finally helped child bride Courtney Stodden land her very own reality show. And not a moment too soon; as of next month, she won't even be a child anymore!

Courtney announced this momentous news last night via Twitter, saying:

Never let it be said that the American dream doesn't come true for a few lucky people with the boobs, the meth-y facial expressions, and the confusing, creepy, train wreck appeal to make it happen for themselves.

We don't know any details of the show yet, but with Courtney turning 18 soon, I wouldn't be surprised if it had to be hosted by Skinemax. Then again, even Skinemax might be too softcore for where Courtney is headed, as it's become more and more apparent in recent months that she aspires to make straight up fetish videos:

No matter what it will entail, I'm hoping this reality show will end with the 35-year-old performance artist who plays Courtney pulling off her wig and making damning pronouncements about our messed up society. Unfortunately, the longer this charade goes on, the more I think this is really just Courtney being rilly rill with us. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

(Via Videogum)