10 Reasons Courtney Stodden Is Totally Ready To Have A Baby

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Despite having a rock solid marriage built on a foundation of trust and freakiness, sometimes Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison disagree on things. They argue over her bed time, her potential ventures into hardcore, and now, whether or not to have a baby.

According to E! Online, the recently legal lass isn't yet ready to spawn, a position that's caused some strife in their marriage. To which I say: what are you guys waiting for?! Courtney is totally ready to reproduce. Here are some reasons why.

1. She doesn't have a job, per se, leaving her plenty of time to take care of a kid.

2. Courtney and Doug are currently in Couples Therapy, ensuring that their marriage will be healthy, normal, and long lasting.

3. We already know Doug is good with children.

4. Courtney could probably nurse four babies at once.


5. Courtney loves tiny clothes, and could probably share hers with her child.

6. She already loves baby animals, which are basically the same thing.

7. She's good with creative play and make-believe:

8. She takes bath time very seriously.

9. She understands how babies eat:

10. She is actually a 35-year-old performance artist.

Tune into Couples Therapy to see “where she's at with that”!

(Via E! Online)

Photos: @CourtneyStodden, VH1Blogspot