Why We Shouldn’t Ask Courtney Stodden To Give Ariel Winter Relationship Advice

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Why We Shouldn t Ask Courtney Stodden To Give Ariel Winter Relationship Advice ariel winter mother courtney stodden jpgThere are two very important reasons why Courtney Stodden is not equipped to comment on Modern Family star Ariel Winter‘s abusive situation with her mother. First off, it’s Courtney Stodden, the patron saint of bad decisions and underage marriage. It may not surprise you, then, to learn Courtney’s answer when RadarOnline asked her about the allegations that Chrystal Workman has been abusing Ariel.

To be fair, Courtney didn’t actually give any advice about the abuse. At first she didn’t even know who Ariel was, so when the reporters jogged her memory by talking about how 14-year-old Ariel might be sleeping with her 18-year-old boyfriend — a claim Chrystal made, no surprise — Courtney jumped on that. “I think it’s awesome!” she chirped. “As long as they’re in love, it’s okay. They should get married!”

Like I said, it does not come as a shock that Courtney would advocate marrying an older man, since her husband Doug Hutchison is 35 years older than her. And she obviously does not have a healthy relationship with her parents, since they married her off to this guy when she was only 16, and were creepily supportive of the couple’s sex life and other shenanigans. It would seem that marriage to an older guy is her go-to answer for everything. (Seriously—let’s ask her about the election or Greece’s financial situation and see what she comes up with.)

Why We Shouldn t Ask Courtney Stodden To Give Ariel Winter Relationship Advice courtney stodden dad gif

There’s no point to asking Courtney about a tense situation like this, because we already know her answer. But honestly, we shouldn’t be asking any famewhores to weigh in on this. Because once we blow this up into a media spectacle, we’re going to end up with another messed-up child star and — even worse — a new star a la Dina Lohan on our hands.

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