Court Case Declared Mistrial, Let’s Do That Again!

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As if the very obvious case of Britney Spears’ misdemeanor did not take long enough Britney’s case was declared mistrial and deliberations may start all over again…

Earlier today we posted about our wish for this case to be closed and left behind (to either side), the jury in this trial thought otherwise and their inability to reach a consensus forced the judge to request that both sides will restate their cases for 11 minutes which resulted in another split decision. At that point the judge declared this trial a mistrial and it is unclear at this point if the prosecution will choose to re-try Britney.

Before the mistrial, Britney’s lawyer, J. Michael Flannagan, told OK! magazine that this case is quite different from most he’s argued.

“I want to escape this case,” he reportedly said, following his second closing argument. “I’ve tried about 500 cases, and I’ve never seen something like this. I’ve seen hung juries before but never have I had to give additional closing arguments for a case like this. They should have declared this a mistrial a day ago. I looked at the jury, and they did not look happy. I did not see a lot of happy faces.”