The Box Office Success Of Cosmopolis Proves That The ‘Kristen Stewart Cheating On Robert Pattinson’ PR Stunt Worked

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In unsurprising news for anyone who believes Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson as part of a publicity stunt, Cosmopolis made a lot of money this weekend at the box office. And it makes total sense because it's all part of the plan to use this scandal to drive heartbroken fans into the theaters.

Think of Cosmopolis as a test run for Breaking Dawn: Part Two — of all the possibilites that can happen when you manipulate fans into believing that their favorite star-crossed lovers are drunk-dialing themselves into despair.

For everyone out there who thinks I'm reading too much into everything, just listen to what Robert Pattinson said on The Daily Show last week to Jon Stewart when asked if he had a message for his fans.

‘If any Twilight fans are tuning in, I genuinely want to make Cosmopolis have a higher opening weekend than The Dark Knight.”

He's well aware of the power he has among his fan base and he used their love and obsession for him to make money. And it worked.  Despite only playing in 3 theaters in NYC and LA, Cosmopolis grossed $72,300.

Let's put that in perspective with two other small films that opened this weekend. Robot & Frank grossed $38,234 and Compliance grossed $16,000.

Maybe the scandal-denier inside of you wants to say that Cosmopolis was simply a better film than the other two — and it's just pure coincidence that headline-maker Robert Pattinson stars in it. But that's not true according to the critics at Rotten Tomatoes. Robot & Frank received a 90% rating, Compliance received a 91% rating…and Cosmopolis received a 64% rating .

So riddle me that. Explain to me how Cosmopolis did so much better despite the fact that only 64% of critics liked it.

My answer?

Twilight fans listened to what Rob said on The Daily Show. That they went out to see the movie to support him and help him through his traumatic and confusing “I need my space after you kisssed another man on the lips while dressed like an extra from a modern day remake of Annie” stage with Kristen Stewart.

And there's no better way to support someone you love (who will never love you back) than by helping his movie make money. God help us all when Breaking Dawn breaks box office records. And god help the publicty team that put this all together — because they're going to be popping bottles, showering in cash and raising kids wealthy enough to generate content for the next 3 generations of Rich Kids of Instagram. 

(Photo: Us Weekly)