The Final Autosopy Reports Are In For Cory Monteith And They Don’t Make His Death Any Less Tragic

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Cory Monteith smiling happy may 2013

The British Columbia Coroners service issued their final report on Cory Monteith's death last night and it pretty much supports the initial reports that we heard back in July. He died after injecting heroin and drinking alcohol. In addition to that, the report included information that two empty bottles of champagne, “a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle,” were found in his hotel room.

While knowing these details may bring closure to some, it does nothing for me but remind me that he died tragically. I'm not really sure if being made aware of a spoon with drug residue being in his room is something that the general public needed to know. Especially when details like this will most likely get people talking about his drug use — rather than his addiction. Scandal over health any day of the week, am I right?

Just look at the way people reacted to Zac Efron going to rehab. Not only did some outlets take pride in outing his addiction, but they also wanted their readers to know that it was cocaine. Not because they wanted people to take his trip to rehab seriously, but because cocaine's a much more exciting drug to talk about. A few months after we all mourned Cory Monteith, we're still treating celebrity drug addiction like a reality TV show. “What will happen next!?” we continue to wonder, as if “the next” has no chance of ending like this. Hopefully, people will handle this news appropriately and respectfully today, but I've met people before and they're kinda the worst.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)