New Photos Show Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson on a “Date” at Disneyland – Corinne Responds!

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Unless you were vacationing on a different planet this summer, then there's no way you slid past June without hearing all about the Bachelor in Paradise sexual assault scandal. If you somehow weren't privy to the details, you can get all the info about it here. Long story short: DeMario Jackson, a contestant on Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette was accused of sexually assaulting Corinne Olympios in a pool while filming BiP. While Corinne has admitted that she doesn't remember the encounter at all — and despite the fact that DeMario admittedly does — both parties have cleared DeMario's name because Corinne was on prescription medication that had an adverse reaction when mixed with alcohol. The scandal shut down production for the reality show briefly, though it was resumed in no time and the entire incident itself was treated like ratings gold — sensationalized by Bachelor producers with a superficial attempt at actually confronting the issue head-on (IMHO).

After the reunion show, it was clear that the hatchet had been buried between Corinne and DeMario as this photo circulated all over the internet showing that ‘everything was good' and the media was ‘making a big deal out of nothing‘ or whatever:

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However, in a strange, strange turn of events, it looks like the scandalous pair may actually have turned lemons into lemonade and started a relationship out of the whole debacle.

TMZ reported this morning that the two spent the entire day at Disneyland (holding hands and all!) — which is strange considering that last we heard of Corinne, she and her boyfriend (who she was dating while filming BiP) were sticking together throughout all the drama.

Corinne herself responded to the TMZ report though whether this is her trying to confirm or deny the reports of their relationship is unclear:

Perhaps she's just upset that TMZ even considered the possibility that this is just a publicity stunt to get both their names back out there now that the scandal has died down.

Just a few days ago, the two were photographed hanging out at a nightclub together, too — meaning Bachelor Nation could be getting another long-term relationship out of Bachelor in Paradise (even if they were only there for one day!) right up there next to Jade & Tanner, Evan & Carly and now Derek & Taylor. That would be a plot twist… but we're certainly not going to rule it out.

Something tells me that ABC will be filming and airing Corinne and DeMario's wedding if it ever comes to that… All's well that ends well? I'm not so sure.

What do you think? Publicity stunt or did DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios really put the past in the past? Let us know in the comments below!