Open Thread: I’m Looking For New Music, But I’m So Horrible At It That I Don’t Where To Start

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Hello lovelies! What's up? What's new? CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END OF THE FIRST EPISODE OF HOUSE OF CARDS? How about this weather? Last week you were all so helpful with your suggestions for shows I should give a second chance, I thought I would throw another question out to you. And it's about music, something I'm admittedly very bad at. Sure I like music and sure I know all the words to every One Direction song thanks to the fact they're my number one Pandora station, but I honestly don't know any good music. If it's not in the top 40 and if it's not accompanied by a naked woman swinging around on wrecking ball, odds are very high that I don't know it.

This is sad, I know. Especially when the subject comes up and people are like, “Jenni, you write about pop culture for a living, what's a cool new group we should be jazzed about?” And I'm like ummmm, “Lorde is poppin' and um 98 Degrees? They're still hip? Hop? The Frozen soundtrack?” It's embarrassing, to say the least. Grounds for being fired, to say the most.

And let the record show that I blame my mother entirely. The woman had me listening to Raffi cassette tapes well into the formative music appreciation years. I don't think I knew the radio was an option in the car until I was in middle school. Seriously, if you'd ran into me at any point in the '90s, I'd be humming about eating apples and bananas (ay-ples and ba-nay-nays).

So I'm asking you, my wonderful readers, to tell me who I should be listening to right now. I'm open to any and all suggestions. And do me a solid by throwing any relevant Youtube links into the comments so we can get ourselves a nice little Disqus playlist going.

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