Conspiracy Theory: Jonathan Groff the Actor and Jonathan Groff the Writer Are the Same Person

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While rewatching How I Met Your Mother episodes with my boyfriend, I kept getting tripped up when I would see the name Jonathan Groff credited for writing certain episodes (“I'm Not That Guy”, “Everything Must Go”, “The Possimpible”). Surely the same kid who plays Jesse St. James on Glee couldn't also be working in the HIMYM writers' room? Turns out it's a mistake — but IMDb doesn't know the difference.

Groff's IMDb page lists him as a writer on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, as well as the creator of The Jake Effect and Andy Barker, P.I. But the photo is of the 26-year-old Broadway and TV actor.

The thing is, for about the first act of that HIMYM episode, I was willing to believe that Groff the actor was moonlighting as a TV writer. After all, his Glee co-star Chris Colfer just sold a TV pilot to Disney and signed a two-book deal to write children's books, the first of which is called The Land of Stories. And he's only 21! Hollywood loves those Glee kids, so it's not so preposterous that Groff could've freelanced for HIMYM.

But ultimately, the TV writer is a different person with the same name… or is he?

Surprisingly, it's a Scrubs fan wiki that has the lowdown on Groff the writer — though not his age, which is strange. Also, the two of them look suspiciously similar. We're all thinking it, I'm just going to come out and say it: An older Jonathan Groff from about 15 years in the future traveled back in time to start writing for The Jon Stewart Show in 1993, knowing that “he” would be born in 1985 and grow up to be an actor and singer… just as long as that path takes him to 2026, where he steps into that time machine. He gets to live two lives at once!