Conor Kennedy Gets Arrested For The Environment, Reminding Everyone How Dreamy He Is

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Shortly after his break up with Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy went into a downward spiral that ended in his tragic arrest in Washington, DC yesterday. Psych! His arrest was not tragic, but star-studded and glamorous, and he was trying to protect the environment, which is so hot.

Conor Kennedy was arrested outside the White House yesterday for civil disobedience, i.e. chaining himself to a wall. He had joined together with his father Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actress Darryl Hannah, and others in sexy protest of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Like a cute teenage Al Gore, Conor was not pleased that the pipeline could boost America's carbon emissions by up to 27.6 million metric tons per year, so he went and asked President Obama in that firm yet handsome Kennedy way to kindly kill the project. Please and thanks!

Blissfully unaware of how many clean air fetishists were guaranteed to creep on Conor, Conor's dad RFK Jr. tweeted the whole thing, from “getting ready for act of civil disobedience” to “handcuffed to White House gate in act of civil disobedience for climate change!” (kinky) to “everyone is out of jail after protest!” Look at how happy everyone is to be out of jail hanging out with Conor Kennedy:


It is clear from this incident that Conor has moved on from Tayswift to his new girlfriend, the Earth. I cannot imagine this adorable 18-year-old will be without age appropriate loving for long.

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